Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spring 2009 Students

The best way to be successful in this class is to make sure you are on top of assignments. You want to make sure that you complete everything that is assigned because they are easy points to get and you are rewarded by Mrs. Rogers for completing work that will help you a lot more than you think later in the semester. For the big project which is the client project the best thing to do is keep tasks small but make sure they are getting you somewhere. When choosing your group members the most important thing to do is make sure you have the same kind of schedule and have a definite time that everyone can meet. This meetings might seem not as important as you think but if you can get most of your work done in these meetings there is not a lot of work you have to do out of the classroom. Also in your groups you want to make sure that all of your group members are willing and focused on finishing the task and pull their weight in the project. In regards to the career writing materials you do not want to take these assignments lightly and want to make these assignments your best work possible because it will help you outside of class when you are out in the business world and trying to get a job. The technology in this class is a very helpful tool to communicate with classmates. This technology also is a way for you to learn how to use different types of mediums to communicate with people and this is a learning process so if you do not understand something or how to do something go to Mrs. Rogers immediately, she is a very useful resource and is always willing to help no matter what your problem is she will definitely figure out what is wrong and what you need to do. She is an awesome teacher and one of the most helpful teachers I have had at Clemson University.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Client Project Reflection

From this project I have learned that a lot of planning and research goes into something as simple as a flier. I never realized how much work went into this project until I sat back and thought about everything our group did. At the time it did not seem like we were doing so much work but that was because we planned everything out effectively so that we did a little at a time, which turned into the whole project. The best thing about this project was completing the final copy of our flier. It just seemed that after everything we had done and all the planning finally came to our ultimate goal, and it was a good feeling to finally complete that goal that we have been working on all semester. The biggest challenge I think was figuring out where to start because at the beginning you look at everything you have to do and you feel a little overwhelmed and feel like this is an impossible project. Once we started though it got easier, but at the beginning it was hard to focus everything and get everything in action. From this experience I have learned that the best and easiest way for a group project like this to be successful is to make sure everyone in the group is focused on the overall goal and that everyone is willing and able to do their part. I think that is the most important thing during these group projects as well as everyone's schedule work out because that was one area in which our group I feel had an advantage. In the end though I feel as long as your group is focused and everyone is willing to pull their weight of the project everything will turn out the way you want it to.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dual Coding

In this image I see the visual representation of the tarnished and run down locker room and the huge words "WE BELIEVE" showing support. Playing sports myself having someone or a group of people behind you believing in you is a very powerful thing to have behind you. Seeing it as the last thing you see when you run out makes you feel more willing to try and work extremely hard to make sure you don't disappoint anyone and those that believe in you. Of course seeing "Practice Like Champions" makes you want to work hard and feel like you can be a champion no matter what happens. This ad makes me want to suit up and be a champion and want to play football, basketball, baseball, etc. The ad makes you want to be a champion and as it being a Nike ad makes the idea in your head that if you wear Nike gear you will be a champion and the ad makes it seem like under the "WE BELIEVE" is Nike saying that they believe in you as a player.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


In my job I work at recreation parks supervising many athletic fields at once. One time when I was working I was told by one of my bosses that I was suppose to clean up one field by taking down the score brain that operates the scoreboard and turn off the lights on the field because there were no more games left to be played on that field. So I did all of that and was walking towards another field when I got a call on my cell phone from the baseball supervisor and he started asking me why the lights were off and everything was taken down. I told him about what my boss said and the baseball supervisor said there is another game on that field in an hour. So I had to run back to the field and set up the score brain and set out baseballs and had to wait 20 minutes for the lights to cool down so I could turn the lights on again. As the players showed up I had to explain the miscommunication that had occurred and tell them I was waiting for the lights to cool down which they did and the game went on but 15 minutes later than scheduled. This could have been prevented if my boss knew about the last game and the baseball supervisor told my boss about the extra that was going to be played an hour after the game before it. Also if I had called the baseball supervisor to make sure it was okay and that there was not an extra game scheduled as a make up game for example for a rained out game.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mock Interview Reflection

When I was waiting outside for my mock interview I was not very nervous. Maybe that was because I was still waking up since I had to go in the morning or maybe because I was just trying to keep myself calm. The moment I stepped into that room everything became real and I was pretty nervous, which is silly since this is not for real, but you still want to do well in the interview so to me the interview was very important. To combat with this I think once I got the first question down I kind of relaxed and then when I started talking about the actual job and why I wanted to be in the health industry I became more comfortable and confident with my questions. Mainly I just started to relax more. The one question that threw me was the "tell me about yourself." Seems like a pretty easy question but I just did not know how much or how little to say about my family, friends, tell her what I do on the weekend, or anything like that. I think it threw me because it was such a broad question. Basically to deal with that question I tried to say things you would say to a person you just met at a party or a co-worker, keep it simple but talk about what is important to you. If I could go back into the interview I would probably have a better answer for "tell me about yourself" and clean up some of my answers, show some more confidence in what I say. I learned that even though getting a job in the real world which is a career move is scary and intimidating, but if you show passion for what you do the interviewer will recognize that. Also to be yourself and be truthful to how you really feel because these people interview enough people to where if you are lying or just trying to have the perfect answer they will figure it out. I learned to always be genuine and honest because it will do more good than it could ever do bad.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


My three favorite presentations were the "Motorcycle Safety", "Supercars", and "Circle of Death." I liked the "Circle of Death" presentation because who does not like a presentation on drinking in college. It is also interesting how different rules differ from different people. I have been at parties when people play this game and there is always a discussion on the rules and how different people play a different way, it sometimes turns into arguments lol. I liked the "Supercars" and "Motorcycle Safety" presentations because I love cars and motorcycles. I knew about most of the stuff in the "Supercars" presentation, but it was interesting to see someone else have enthusiasm about something that I also enjoy. The "Motorcycle Safety" presentation caught my eye because he actually did ride a motorcycle and he brought in his jacket and helmet showing how he actually does take care of his safety instead of saying it and then not actually following through with the safety precautions.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Clemson Football

So this weekend marked how disappointing the Clemson Tigers have become. It seems that everytime we are ranked in the top 25 we lose a game we should have won. The fact that we lost does not just affect the football team but the anticipation for each weekend, to see the Tigers play and have teams be afraid to come to Death Valley. Now it is not a question of how much we will beat the other team by, but rather how disappointing the game will be. My mom for instance watched the game this weekend and for her to say we run the same 6 plays all the time is embarrassing. She has been watching football all her life and sometimes I still have to explain some things to her, and it makes me embarrassed when she asked me if we are going to fire our coach. I said no we actually signed him for more years of disappointment, i mean more years to coach our team. Maybe im a little harsh, but for them to say at the beginning of the year that this was our best team in years I stupidly believed the coaching staff and got all excited, and now 5 weeks in I am just embarrassed and hope no one ever asks me how the football season is going because I will just say awful and explain all my smack talking from before the season. The Clemson Tigers have let me down and there is nothing I can do about it except write about it here.